Divergences Analysis GBP / USD on 22 November

Written by Tim T.

On the daily chart after release from Fibonacci correction level 50.0% - 1.5852 and a turn in favor of the pound steam continues to rise.


Emerging or already formed new divergences not. The growth rate may continue in the direction of correction level 38.2% Fib - 1.5964. Lights out quotes from the correction level will allow the pair to start falling towards Fibo 50.0% level. But fixing rate above the 38.2% correction at FIBO will count on continued growth to Fibonacci correctional level of 23.6% - 1.6094. All indicators now allow continued growth of quotations, which raises the possibility of fixing rate 38.2% correctional level.


Two bullish divergence in MACD and CCI indicators allowed the pair to gain a foothold on the Fibonacci correctional level of 50.0% - 1.5901, and the pair continues its growth course. Lights out on the course correction level 38.2% - 1.6001 the pair will perform a turn in favor of the U.S. dollar and start falling to the level of 50.0% correct. But now it is going in the direction of the growth of the next correction level 38.2% - 1.6001. Securing over it will count on continued price growth in the direction of the next correction level 23.6% - 1.6119. Emerging divergence has not yet been observed. It should be noted that the high position allows Stochastic release quotes from the 38.2% correction level and increases the likelihood of this.

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