Does every person can succeed in the stock market?

Written by Tim T.

"Opinion of the trader and an independent survey" 

Theme in the literature has not been studied, so I propose a vision based on personal experience. Why are some legendary <turtles> become millionaires, while others failed to achieve anything? As with any prestigious university - graduates of the happy result while studying part - already at work, some do not reach anything in life. While teaching all the same. And in business and in life, someone will be a leader and someone a slave. We leave to the ratio of unique technique and personal qualities.

Minimum of personal qualities of a successful trader is:
◊ there are men who in life success comes the time:

- Determination, belief in themselves and their own strength, ability and desire to learn, develop and achieve results;

- Perseverance, discipline, self-control (the market will not escape, it will be today and tomorrow.

- Analytical thinking skills (trading system, opening and closing of transactions, analysis of mistakes, lessons learned, etc.);

- Work: heavy and sometimes debilitating experiences with sharp and nervous shock. As a marathon: it is necessary to distribute power so that they sufficed for the whole distance, length of life, do not forget about family vacations, children.

As you can see, the minimum qualities of a little, no more than in other occupations in which you want to reach the top. The most common misconceptions.

◊ have a chronic loser (although they were regarded as a child prodigies and talents)

No. Life - the band is white, black stripe. 100 percent success always, everywhere and in everything - it's utopia, which nevertheless should strive for. Each one of us once in a life stumbling, it may even fall ... BUT: lucky one who carries himself, says the proverb. Importantly, this positive attitude, good sense, understanding of the situation, their understanding of their errors and misdeeds, and based on already from this, an algorithm correct actions in the future. Success, like everything else - a relative term. Everything in this world evolves in a spiral, even more for the same Fibonacci grid, or the levels of Murray. Success should strive to work on yourself. And only if all the required work.

Even if a gifted child speak every day that he is a fool, a fool and he grew up.

Yes, it really is. And out of this state is very, very complicated, one has to resort to professional help. These are people who originally programmed to fail. They have every initiative ends in failure. Usually communicate with them very seriously, they have a lot of negative emotions. And after communion, as a rule, is sediment.

The life script is laid in childhood, each of us chooses his favorite hero, for example, from a fairy tale, begins to imitate him. After all, everyone has a favorite fairy tale, the hero? Also, no small influence on the personality and provides the external environment. And well, if this character is positive, and if not ... But breaking life scenarios - it is very hard work, and not always a virtue, even a good specialist. Under an hour and it is impossible.
Also in this issue, much depends on the parents. The child is talented, gifted, he is making great strides, and all the little mom and little. <You could, and more!> - Say parents, not knowing that so they can simply break. Will begin a series of failures, etc., as a result, self-doubt.

Choose one of the answers:

Algorithm success depends on many factors in life, from thinking the person (as this person sees the world) and ending with a way of life (as this person lives). This ability, the desire to build their lives on a foundation of positive, try to make as to his, and in the lives of others as little as possible the negative, work on yourself, build, carry on eternal life, and respect human values. Traders Poll: Who can achieve success on the stock exchange?

- Anyone who has mastered a unique trading system;
- Those who have unique trading system to coincide with the personal qualities, pre-programmed for success;
- Success is always achieved only a few, the rest of the losers and the crowd.

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