Mt4 news indicator

Written by Tim T.

Custom Indicator Metatrader, which shows the future and past economic news directly in MetaTraderNews taken from the site The indicator itself updates the list of news and draw Vertical lines.  You can adjust the sound signals, and filters on the importance of news.

mt4 news indicator


MinBefore=30;  -  Time in minutes for the signal.

Timeshift=3; -  Time correction.

Vhigh=true;  - News Importance.

Vmedium=true;  - News Importance.

Vlow=true;  - News Importance.

DrawLine=true; -  Enable/disable Lines.

NextOnly=false;  -  Draw only lines of the future of news? 

Signal=true;   -   Enable/disable Signals.


high= Red;
medium= Blue;
low= Lime;

Style=2;   -  Line Style.

Download here:  

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