The GOOD VIBRATIONS Forex Trading Technique

Written by Tim T.

The market moves in vibrations. The turning points of these vibrations are caused by trend exhaustion levels allowing the price movement to stop and then to trade in the opposite direction. The distance between the major turning points (trend exhaustion levels) are referred to as the vibration level. This behaviour occurs on all charts - from the 1 minute to the monthly charts.

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The GOOD VIBRATIONS technique works well in a sideways or slowly trending market. Quick and sudden trends will cause your transactions to be stopped out. So it is important to read the market conditions before deciding on the currencies to be traded - we want to find currencies that have tendency to trade sideways.
The first thing is to establish if the market is US Dollar dominated. The easiest is to look at the EURUSD and the USDCHF chart. If they are both trending in opposite directions there is a good chance that the market is dollar dominated. See an example of this below.

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