Foreign exchange trading system

Written by Tim T.

What is foreign exchange trading system? and how it affects to EUR USD? 

Foreign exchange trading system availiable here as automated and manual trading systems.

Dear traders.
On the EUR / USD and USD / CHF follow the local structure of 7 November. For the GBP / USD continue to monitor local structure descending from 7 November. The pair dollar / yen upward movement until we regard as correct. On the EUR / Yen follow the descending structure of 1 November. For the GBP / Yen follow the descending structure of 2 November, upward movement is considered as a correction. 

Forecast for November 12:
On the EUR / USD important levels are 1.2876, 1.2827, 1.2806, 1.2786, 1.2701, 1.2649, 1.2626 and 1.2588. It further development of the descending structure of 7 November expect after breaking 1.2701, in this case the target is 1.2649, in the corridor 1.2649 - 1.2626 price consolidation. Potential value for the low level of 1.2588 believe at which rolled forward up. Short-term upward movement is possible in the hallway 1.2786 - 1.2806, break of the latter will lead to a deeper motion, the target here is 1.2827, the breach of which, in turn, will have to develop bottom-up, in this case, the potential target 1.2876.

Trading recommendations:
Buy: 1.2786 Take profit: 1.2805
Buy: 1.2807 Take profit: 1.2826
Sell: 1.2700 Take profit: 1.2650
Sell: 1.2625 Take profit: 1.2590

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