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Forex-CyberTrade Review

Written by Tim T.


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Forex-CyberTrade Review


Forex-CyberTrade- An Overview:

Philip Berber, founder of CyberTrade is an Irish millionaire and philanthropist.  The forex cyber trade is a 100 % automated Forex-CyberTrade system that increases your performances and as the results have shown may double your deposit in 2 months. It is an incredible system with risk instruments to minimize and optimize  trading strategies. If you buy Forex-CyberTrade  you  will get: very Quality product, with Monthly updates for 1 year, instructions which will help you to setup and use this program, additionally you can to earn up to 1879% profit each year, 30 day money back guaranty. Only with Ultimate version you will receive 2 special indicators for manual trading from CyberTrade Team.

How it offers:

More than half of market members (Forex market) - automated trading systems or  – trading robots or mt4 expert advisors that this trading system brings in an average of 40% - 120% per month.  You can receive up to 1 879, 86% per year with this system.

Versions Offered:

There are different versions of forex cybertrade and you make the choice on which to buy. When you buy Forex CyberTrade v 2.7 or v 3.0 you receive:
1.    100% Quality mq4 product.
2.    Monthly updates for 1 year.
3.    24 hours, 5 days a week, 3 languages support.
4.    Special instructions how to setup and use the program.
5.    Ability to earn up to 1879% profit per year.
6.    30 day money back guaranty.

How is this?

The foreign exchange (currency or Forex) market is the biggest and the most financial market with the daily volume of more than $3.2 trillion. Trading on this market involves buying and selling world currencies taking the profit from the exchange rates difference. Forex trading high profits, but it is also very risky. Everyone can do Forex trading via the Forex brokers. What makes the forex-cybertrade unique from other EA's is that it is sensitive to market conditions.
Be sure to use an appropriate lot size for your deposit amount. Don't over margin your account - this is important for any type of trading.

Its Perfect:

The software is a perfect forex robot that makes you worry free as your profits accumulate. It offers a way to always stay under the current forex market conditions.  I believe this is due to updates, or it could be coded algorithms which is tougher. The forex cybertrade looks for optimal enters using the maximum close stops. The updates are sent to all customers at no extra charge. The expert advisor is sent with forex instructions of the settings.  High risk is not required to use the forex cyber trade ea.


It is totally automated what means that the trading will be held without your participating all 24 hours per day, 5 days out of the week, increasing your income every day. It allows using the maximum close stops. All you need is just to put it into the terminal and get the INCOME. The Mq4 expert advisor is accompanied with detailed instruction of the settings. You don’t need to take the high risk.

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