Forex Gap Robot Review

Written by Tim T.


Timeframe:  M15
Price:  149 $
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Forex Gap Robot Review

Forex Gap Robot- An Overview:

Forex Gap Robot is such software that is slightly different from the rest. It takes care of the weekend gaps that are mostly left with no trades. Since it works just once a week there is no reason why Forex traders will choose Forex Gap Robot than other forex robots in the market that operates 24/5 or 24/7 and that too for the same amount of money.

Claims Fall Flat:

Forex Gap Robot comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if it does not give profit. In addition to this, Forex Gap Robot claims good return that can be counted something between $250 and $1000 each week in the traders account. But nothing of this sort has been found on tests. Thus, this forex robot software has shown displeasing results and has failed to won accolades in the field of forex trading.

Bad and Dull User Interface:

A good website is the key to good customer response but this factor is severely lacking in Forex Gap Robot. They could have presented the website in a neat way rather than making it clumsy with the menu bar in the between and the matter on either side of it. The webpage looks like a news website and is in no way appealing. All in all it is a poor website with very little information. Most of the space is taken up with large picture of proves. Forex Gap Robot is among the few websites of about forex robot that provide testimonials of customers. Yet, its popularity seem to be nowhere in the market.

Sounds Good, Delivers Bad:

Very confidently, Forex Gap Robot claims to increase your income and the account size by 5% each week. This definitely sounds pleasant and many traders have given up their money to buy such software. Unfortunately, despite of buying the Forex Gap Robot software for a whooping sum of $149 the traders end up with poor results. Repenting is the only thing they can do after seeing the bad results. Showing 4.2% in 120 days of usage is no doubt below standard and is very unsatisfactory. The price tag of this software is really expensive when it comes to seeing visible results. Forex Gap Robot software is priced at $149. The package also contains user guide and lifetime support. But when there are good forex robots in the market that provide the same benefits and quite high profits there is no reason why one should consider going for Forex Gap Robot.

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