Forex Megadroid Review

Written by Tim T.


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Forex Megadroid Review

Forex Megadroid- An Overview:

Forex Megadroid system has been developed by two trading world experts namely John Grace and Albert Perrie, both having around 38 years of experience in trading behind them.

It’s Good but:

The Megadroid forex robot has not performed extremely well from its launch until now. It has traded with an accuracy of less than 70-90% winning trades. Though the makers claim the  robot can “predict” what the market behavior will be on the immediate future, 2 to 4 hours from the present, or like I said in one of my recent posts, it extrapolates market values, points and trends to have an approximately behavior of it in the future. The robot focuses in only one market, EUR/USD, thus limiting traders’ diversity.

It Needs You:

Forex Megadroid software is most suitable for those traders who are looking to trade the Forex market with the help of some automated system or a sophisticated software with the little need of human intervention. The makers claim that the Megadroid Robot has been designed in such ways that even a new user who doesn’t have experience or knowledge of Forex trading can use this software with ease. They also say it works simply on the Plug & Play concept and has been called by various trading experts as the only product of its kind currently in the market. Yet all these are to swindle you of your hard earned cash in these hard times.

It helps Know Future Trends:

The Forex Megadroid robot is said to have the ability to predict the future trends, i.e. in which direction the market will move in coming two to four hours. The robot is supposed to run mechanically and adapt to changes in the market irrespective of the fact that what type of market conditions are there. It makes use of RCTPA (Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis) technology to predict the near future with 95.82 % accuracy. It also makes use of the latest state of the art built-in Artificial Intelligence Technology and next generation Market Timing in predicting the future trends.
With Forex Megadroid software one has to keep a watch on the trading for the entire day. One cannot run the system and walk away. It is however, affordable and is in the reach in most of the traders. The makers claim that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee offer and if you don’t like this product you can have your money back with in 60 days. However when you try to contact their customer care, you will wait for days to be sorted out.
In addition, the system is not easy to download and set up. It may take long to download and to run the setup. However, the manuals are written in easy to understand language

It’s Average:

The important point for users which needs to be mentioned here is that Forex Megadroid robot trades only in EUR/USD. So it limits the clientele who may want to trade with other currencies. This is not a very good forex robot unless you really have money to waste!

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