Forex Night Fox Review

Written by Tim T.


Timeframe:  M15
Price:  127 $
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Forex Night Fox Review


Forex Night Fox - An Overview:

Forex Night Fox claims itself to be the “poor man’s agent” that will go out and hunt for pips. Unfortunately, this robot itself turns out to be poor in a lot of aspects. Firstly, it calls for a small money account as low as $1000 and assures to multiply the amount for the traders. But in reality the traders fail to earn the huge profit that is guaranteed by this forex software. The website of Forex Night Fox has been created in an interesting manner to arouse the interest of the readers and compel them to try it once.

Time Really Matters:

Nonetheless, the matter and information provided seem to make the readers exhausted with the lengthy description about how the software was created. The maker could have easily avoided these unnecessary details and simply focus on the main features of Forex Night Fox.

Hollow Claims:

The claims that Forex Night Fox have made about the unbeatable performance and fast income is hollow because they are so over the top. We have found other Forex robots in the market that are down to earth and furnish good profit. It is ridiculous to see such an advertisement of Forex Night Fox who luring in customers to spend money to buy the software and ultimately end up with only small amounts of profit. No software guarantees 100% profit in fact double the amount at times when the entire market is a victim of economic crisis. It is awful to find that the profit that one gets after spending so much of time and money as well on this Forex Night Fox robot is a meager 7. 6% and it is just for 128 days. The only merit that this forex robot has in its share is a good website. They have used all the tricks of gaining the attention of the readers in their website.

Test Run is a Fail:

The testing results that are shown in the website as a proof are actually not good. According to the makers of this software, the traders who do not know much about the trade can start earning profit with just a new account with $1000. There is no doubt that the software gives profit in return but it is also important to know the amount of profit. Only 7.6% is really a bad result for Forex night Fox. With genuine forex robots in the market that offer excellent returns in short time, this one does not seem to work that well.

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