For Owners

Written by Tim T.

WARNING! The site materials are intended for reference only. All rights to software belong to their authors. Owners (Administration) are not responsible for the continued use of these programs and materials. If you are  software developer, presented on the resource and believe that the placement of any file infringes your copyrights, please immediately notify us via email (in PDF format).

The letter must include:

Product details:

1.1. The name of the product.

1.2. The official product page (if available).

1.3. Number assigned to the product on the public registry.

1.4. For a legal entity / Rightholder electronic media / computer programs / databases - A copy of state registration.

2. Details of the person filing the complaint.

2.1. Name.

2.2. Position.

2.3. Tel.

2.4. Email.

2.5. Copy of Power of Attorney for action on behalf of owner (not required if the person making the complaint - the head of the company owner).

3. Claims data.

3.1. Address of the pages that contain references to data that violate the law.

3.2. Full description of the infringement of rights (why the spread of this information is prohibited by Owner).