FX Voodoo Review

Written by Tim T.


Timeframe:  M1
Price:  79 $
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FX Voodoo Review


FX Voodoo – An Overview:

FX Voodoo was developed by: Paul Andrews. FxVoodoo trades the EURUSD on the M1 timeframe on the Metatrader platform. There are a number of input adjustments including take profit, stop loss and trailing stops loss. The default values are the optimum ones for good performance of FxVoodoo EA. The developer claims you can make between 100% and 1000% profits in a year. You can start as little as $200 with a broker who provides micro lots.

Its Digital:

Forex (FX) Voodoo іѕ a digital Forex auto trading robot that is capable of earning 150% to 1200% profit in a year. It has a very simple setup. It also has all well known parameters like StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingSL and Hedging are well customizable. You can customize FX voodoos takeprofit, stoploss, hedging and other available functions.  The amount recommended to start with is a minimum of $200.00.  It strictly works on the metatrader 4 platform. There are a bunch of FX voodoo results available. The results look outstanding so far. At this point in time the EA looks like it is a strong contender.

24 /7 robot:

FxVoodoo is in reality an actual robot, which never sleeps and works 24 hrs in a day, so that you can not miss trading opportunities. It is used by professional and beginners alike with no experience what so ever. It can be applied to any currency pair but only on 1-minute time frame. It works only on metatrader4 (MT4) platform. You can start trading with as little as $200 with some brokers who provides micro lots.  Its all parameters like Stoploss, Takeprofit, and Hedging etc. are well customizable.


You are free to set your own values to these parameters. To use FxVoodoo you will only need a computer with internet connection. Your internet connection should be reliable. Because If your PC turns off or your internet get disconnected, FxVoodoo will stop working, Just want to say that, FxVoodoo will work only, when, your PC is ON and internet is connected & metatrader is running. You need not to monitor continuously your metatrader; you will be totally free for your other work. It is easy to set up and don’t require a prior Forex experience.

Expert Advisor:

It is Expert Advisor software. It does signal based trading. There is no leverage restriction for it. Any currency pair can be traded by it but it gives best results with EURUSD. Its EA works on EUR/USD on 1 minute time frame chart. Default values are the optimum ones for its performance. Once you purchase, you will get a user friendly manual to setup the system. But still if you found any problem/difficulty you may contact their customer service.
This EA works only when your terminal is online. So it is highly recommended that your internet must be connected throughout the trading hours.

Earn automatically:

There is no minimum starting capital limitation to run its EA. You can choose any broker who provides MT4. Whether you are a professional or a new starter at forex trading, you can use it to earn income automatically.

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