Forex Zombi Review

Written by Tim T.

forex zombi imageSummary:

Timeframe:  H1

Currencies:  EURUSD

Price:  72 $

Discounts: -

In the world full of forex robots, forex zombie has created its own niche and a list of loyal users. This software is amazing with superb features and technology that are hardly found in the market.

There is no indicator or signal in this one but yet it manages to furnish profit to its users. Without a stretch of a muscle, this software can be operated and it will definitely fascinate you to learn that it works on all kinds of market conditions.

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Some Basic Features:

The ForEx Zombi in EX4 format is an expert advisor that really works in making profit as:

•    It is easy to access and needs metatrader4 terminal to run.

•    Though any pair of currency can be used in this one yet the best pair advised in order to get best performance is EURUSD.

•    The different timeframes show different results that can be used in order to earn profit.

•    There are many charts that can be used accordingly in ForEx Zombi like M1, M15, M5, M30 etc.

•    A good thing about the software is that you don’t require special leverage and can use any one like 200: 1, 100: 1, 500: 1 or others.


User Friendliness:

Accessing ForEx Zombi robot is close at hand for anyone as almost all the traders use this robot in MT4. So, there is no doubt about brokers that are under NFA. Zombi users have to set the parameters at the time of trading so that the trade frequency can be controlled. The amount of profit that a person is earning thus depends on this trade frequency. This is in fact good for traders who want to set their own parameters.


Best Software:

The secret behind the success and popularity of ForEx Zombi robot is its software that is so easy to maneuver for any user. As one get hold of the software all it requires is switching on the computer and internet and the work is done. ForEx Zombi does not require ace ForEx traders to start trading but it can be used by anyone who does not have experience in the trading market. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest plus points of this system. The ForEx Zombi user guide helps in the proper installation and setting up of the system. Thus, it is simple to access even for those who are not expert computer users.

ForEx Zombi is really admirable as it provides good profit by allowing a number of options to users to open their account. The amount can be as low as USD 100 and one can work with any broker that has MT4.

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