Fx Power Cube Review

Written by Tim T.


Timeframe:  H1
Price:  97 $
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Fx Power Cube Review

Fx Power Cube- An Overview:

Fx Power Cube is one such website that offers a lot of features that are necessary to make profit in the ForEx trading business. Innumerable websites and ForEx robots have been created everyday to attract the minds of the ForEx traders. Fx Power Cube is among them and very easily vanishes in the crowd.

The Only Positive It Possesses:

The only good thing about Fx Power Cube is that it comes at a reasonable price. $97 is quite reasonable sum for a ForEx robot when compared to others in the market. Yet this does not seem effective enough to earn money. This MT4 EA does not have low drawdown as mentioned in the website and the consistency in gains is also not so prominent in Fx Power Cube.

Offers are NO MORE VALID:

This ForEx robot lures the ForEx traders by offering not one or two but three types of trading strategies that is surely going to get good returns. Three strategies combined together to give the best to the traders is a very good idea but here in the case of Fx Power Cube they fall flat without yielding much in the favor of the investors. This is indeed quite bad for those who have invested in buying the software and in fact have also spent some of their valuable time in studying and understanding the software.

Unsatisfactory Results Ahead:

Overall, Fx Power Cube has shown unsatisfactory results after being used by traders to trade currency pairs. According to some of the traders who have bought this software, they are not satisfied by the results it has furnished in the past one month. On further usage, they have found that Fx Power Cube yield really poor results of 1.5% for 86days which is below average.

IT Just Sells Zeros:

The website created by Fx Power Cube is not flattering at all. When you consider some of the top rated ForEx robot websites it is in the first glance that the makers capture your mind and convince you to pay for the software. Nothing of this sort has been found when the webpage of Fx Power Cube is opened in the browser. The reason why some of the traders have been convinced to buy this software is its reasonable price of $97.
The combination of a badly presented website and poor test results is deadly that brings downfall for any ForEx robot. Fx Power Cube is among those ForEx robots that top the charts of failed results.

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