ForEx Gold Expert Advisor Advisor Review

Written by Tim T.


Timeframe:  M30
GOLD, Silver
Price:  98 $
Discounts: -


ForEx Gold Expert Advisor Advisor Review


ForEx Gold Expert Advisor Advisor- An Overview:

ForEx Gold Expert Advisor was developed by Shan Khan.  This Expert Advisor is aimed at trading Gold and Silver with a claim to generate 3 to 7 percent equity growth per month so total 36% to 84% per annum. The automatic expert advisor is customized to fit your balance. Your capacity to invest is what the robot uses to trade. You get a non-stop action throughout the week with the help of your automatic expert advisor. No matter how little loss you incur (an inevitable part of trading), the profit is always higher. Therefore, if you compare the drawdown with the realized profit you will be amazed to see the results.

Do it as You Want:

You may trade high or you may trade customized, the robot allows you to do it your way while earning deserved profits for you. It is a dependable and trustworthy in comparison to the various trading software available online.

The robot trades with a fixed TP in the direction of the underlying Gold trend. Multiple concurrent trades are possible, grid-style. No SL, so most likely problematic if the trend changes. Currency pairs: XAUUSD (Gold). There’s also an XAGUSD (Silver) version but I recommend not trading it due to the current Silver instability.
ForEx expert advisor software is used for automatic trading system, to trade gold and silver. You can be able to access the gold trading, silver trading and ForEx trading software with this ForEx Gold Expert Advisor Advisor.  The robot comes with a manual package on how to use the product. The manual contains Includes: 23 Custom Indicators, 12 Templates, the huge 140 pages User Manual and Metatrader 4 Trading Simulator v3.

How it Works out for You:

T o work with this software you import the scripts into MetaTrader platform and your robot will enter/exit trades for you automatically 24 hours around the clock. As such, you have to always leave your pc on. If not, you can host your ForEx trading robot on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Some traders prefer to use automated trading robot as their sole trading system and others using it to manage part of their portfolio. How well ForEx robots works, depends on the adopted strategies and money management system.

To understand how well your ForEx robots work, you should ask or back test the robot software. Once you set it up just a few minutes each day is needed. The product offers full support for 24 hours and 7 days a week, it’s trading system works on all market conditions.

Final Words:

Anyone can trade with this ForEx robot and it offers 100% money back guarantee. Most robots can generate good profits in a single trend but that ends abruptly when the trend changes. That is when this ForEx trading software fares well with its RCTPA theory. It helps the robot to adapt to such situation. It then continues to profit in the new trend. You can install the robot much faster now compared to all robots. Not a big factor but it is good to know that the developer care.

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