Million Dollar Pips Review

Written by Tim T.

Million dollar pips imageSummary:

Timeframe:  M1

Currencies:  EURUSD 

Price:  99 $

Discounts: -

The Million Dollar Pips review on robot developed by William Morrison  that uses a scalping strategy that is unique and safe. William Morrison developed software for 18 years for a big named company.
He got interested in the ForEx market and over the course of two year bought 6 ForEx robots. All 6 had been poorly programmed. This prompted him to develop his own robot that combined low risk with huge consistent profits. So for the next one and the half year, he tried, tested and failed.
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 million dollar pips review

What it offers:

Then, he hit upon this simple solution of scalping the mini breakouts on 1M chart. This worked and the back tested results showed that this Million Dollar Pips EA could turn $250 into $1,295,161.50  in 1 year never risking more than 2.5% of the account equity. The software is designed to trade on the ForEx (foreign exchange) automatically and comes with a very simple step by step guide on how to set it up for low risk trading and to start making profits, literally set it, forget it, earn it.

Trade on 1M chart:

The ForEx robot does trade on the 1M chart with a very tight stop loss rarely more than 2-7 pips. It scalps the mini breakouts using machine speed with smart trailing technique. MDP robot uses a simple combination of an indicator and price action to detect and scalp the mini breakouts. This is the only million dollar robot in the market. It is an extremely accurate ForEx robot and that is a very important feature when trading ForEx with your hard earned cash.
One very important feature of Million Dollar Pips is that its NFA compliant which means it’s compliant with the specification of National Futures Association. (NFA) Is an independent self-regulatory organization and at the same time a watchdog from commodities and features industry in US. Basically what NFA does is that it protects investors from fraudulent futures and commodities activities. This is a great thing especially for us ForEx traders.

The million dollar pips review, It is easy and simple:

Once you have downloaded the ForEx software, you will be shown how to input the data needed to start ForEx robot trading, I found that the instructions on this part were very easy to understand, straight forward and well written, this is push button.  So basically you just install and configure and that’s all you need to do, easy. After the initial setup I sorted out the settings then just let it run automatically while I did my daily chores. You read million dollar pips review.

It is really good:

Guess what, when I came back the software had actually made me some money and because this robot only has a few pips for a stop loss it means it stops trading when it knows it can’t win, so you can’t lose. Man has really become the creator. Talk of technology at its best! For first time users, in my own opinion I would say this is one of the best no nonsense ForEx robots in the market. All you have to do is try it out! This is the end of million dollar pips review.


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