Morpheus OddBot review

Morpheus OddBot Review

Written by Tim T.

odd bot reviewSummary:

Timeframe:  M15

Currencies:  EURUSD, GBPUSD

Price:  300 £

Discounts: -

Morpheus OddBot v1.5 (Non-Martingale)uses internal indicator logic..harmonic/candlestick pat- terns..moving averages to place extremely accurate orders on EURUSD/GBPUSD M15 Time-frames.

The Robot utilises MM and trailing facilities and Fixed SL ..Although rarely hit due to safety engine to capture the minimum pips of profit upon a sudden reversal. The robot trades auto 24/5. Is compatible with all brokers and ECN. NFA Compatible. Can be run run from smaller accounts from $500 .. although $1000 Recommended. Leverage 1:100 or Higher and low spreads less than 4 and ECN is best setup. The experts work best with 1:500 leverage tight spreads and low latency.

Look at the test results here:



The first step in this process is to download and install a MetaTrader 4 platform, and then add the EAs to individual M15 charts for your chosen currency EURUSD,GBPUSD or both with different Magic Numbers.
Copy Expert Files To Mt4:
1)    OddBot Expert ex4 to Metatrader\expert folder
2)    FFcal Indicator to Metatrader\experts\indicator
3)    OddBot DLL to Metatrader\expert\library folder
You also need to copy and paste the KEY assigned to you with your Purchase. For more inform¬ation on Metatrader setup ..Install Experts..use this video link: Odd bot review.

What about Parameters

Take Profit: ..Value in pips of your take profit Stoploss: ..Value in pips of your Stoploss
FixedLot: ..This setting allows the user to define the lot size of open Secure Profit:..Minimum Take Profit
Auto-MM: .. Risk with Money Management,To determine lot size of open trades against account equity by way of percentage of balance.Set=0 is fixed Lots,Set=1 is 1%.
GMTshift..Offset AGainst Gmt with your Broker Server Time
Time Filter.. Adjusts trading times according to your preference.Ensure your correct GMT Offset Time against your broker time
Visual_mode: .. Shows or hides SL/TP levels from broker
Magic Number: ..Unique Identifier user defined to assign a number to individual experts and its associated trades. ,If trading on more than one pair. You must change this number to show different ID for different pairs.
MaxSpread: .. Max spread setting user defined for robot .Best results have been with pairs with spread less than 4
Slipppage: ..Max Slippage user defined..depends on broker..2 is normal but you can increase
MaximumTrades: ..Maximum open orders at anyone time , user defined.Default is one but you can increase ..subject to your risk apetite.
News Filter:..Enabled ..avoids trading around News Events.3=High Impact,2=Medium Impact. Morpheus Oddbot review.

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